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About me

My Story:

I first moved up to Alaska in 2010 from California to look for a new adventure and to see the place where I was born. The first summer I was up here the temperature never risen past 65 degrees and I thought I had made a serious mistake by moving up here. After a couple of years, I got to really know Alaska and what it has to offer and I fell in love. I have lived up here ever since and I try to explore all parts of Alaska whenever I can. I am currently running out of drivable road.

In the summertime, I LOVE to kayak, hike, and explore Alaska by road trips. In the wintertime, I LOVE to leave Alaska....just kidding. My dog absolutely loves it when it snows, so I love to take him on walks in the winter because we both enjoy the cold and the beauty of Alaskan winters. I have two other dogs who are snobby (but extremely adorable) and aren't particularly fond of the cold. 

My Massage Therapy Adventure and Education:

I always get asked what made me become a massage therapist. Well, when I first moved up here I decided to go to the University of Alaska Anchorage. I was taking two basic online classes in no particular direction. So, I decided to drop out and do something else. I don't remember what made me look up massage therapy schools, but I did. I toured one out of two of the schools in Anchorage and said, "sign me up!". I worked two jobs and paid my way through massage school. It was the best decision I've ever made and I am so thankful that I spontaneously decided to take my life in that direction.

I graduated from The Alaska Institute of Oriental Medicine, Acupuncture, and Massage Therapy school in 2012 and learned so much about myself. In my practice, I like to incorporate hot stone, essential oils, and myofascial release tailored differently for each person I see.


I am certified in the Aroma Touch Technique through DoTerra which uses reflexology and eight specific essential oils to reduce stress and inflammation, bring the body back to homeostasis, and support the immune system. I have found that it has helped my clients in all aspects of their lives, not just muscular. In 2015 I decided to get certified in lymphatic drainage to better help a lot of my patients who were suffering from edema.

Throughout the years, I have taken lots of myofacial release and assessment classes. The next classes I am going to take are Kinesio Taping (because it's totally awesome and magically helps everything), cupping, and advancing my knowledge with advance lymphatic drainage classes. 

Thanks for reading about me! I can't wait to see (or meet) you at your next appointment!

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